I dont have chickens for eggs anymore


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Bergman, AR
I dont have chickens for just eggs anymore. I just noticed this tonight. i had to cut ourselves off from anymore hatching or buying new chicks starting today. For now.
I have no mercy.

Fuzzy butts galore.

Hatch some!!!
I hear ya. Started with 7, now have 36. I have a million ways I can justify it though: Gotta have extra hens for winter when eggs aren't as plentiful, extra roosters not staying, had a broody so had to hatch, etc.

I'm now immune to the look of shock on the person's face that asks how many chickens I have.
i already have 9 guinea eggs with 23 days to go in the incubator right now. maybe a few EE/BR - polish rooster cross eggs in there at day 7 for the guinea eggs and a dozen japanese bantams egg im receiving Wensday or so.
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I realized this of myself last week. Right now I have 2 or my 3 bantam hens with 1 chick each, plus my mini roo (which makes 6), plus our 7 laying hens (1 of whom is sitting on 1 egg), and my silkie and big roos (so another 9), plus our extra rooster that I've been trying to rehome, bringing my grand chicken total up to 16, which isn't so bad. Of course, I have ordered chicks, which may have gotten a bit out of hand because right now I have on order 6 standard cochins, 6 Ameraucanas, 8 Brabanters, 2 Old English Game Bantams, 5 Polish, and 4 Silkies. I may change/cancel some of those orders (Ideal is oversold on Polish, and the Silkies are supposed to come with them, so I may just cancel that one), and I do plan to rehome some as I only wish to keep a few from each breed. Still, that's a lot of chickies coming!

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