I dont know nuttin bout no Duck egg

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  1. Ok, silly statement/question coming up...

    I just got 3 ducks yesterday, a rouen, peking and peking cayuga cross and today I have my first duck egg. In the mud. I washed it off and had to sniff it. It had the oddest fishy earthy smelly smell to it. Wondering if it was from the mud under my deck that made it have that aroma or is that typical of duck eggs? I should have had a nest box out there for them. Yucky introduction to lovely duck eggs...
  2. I vote mud. My duck eggs are clean and pretty and smell like nothing. Are your ducks healthy and eating good food?
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    chickensducks&agoose :

    Are your ducks healthy and eating good food?

    I second that - a duck egg's taste and smell all has to do with their diet. If they're eating lots of worms, fish, or bugs the eggs are probably going to have an off-putting smell and flavor. If you're feeding a good layer ration, they're not going to be much different than chicken eggs, except in texture.​
  4. I just brought these ducks home yesterday...and I do believe they were well cared for. The smell i speak of was not an opened egg but the outside. It was weird. I guess I will ask the previous owner about fish, but I might go out and smell my mud first. lol. ewwwww.
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    I've never had a smelly duck eggs. They are better tasting and fresher in aroma and texture than any chicken egg I've ever had. I think it was either your mud or the ducks have been eating fish food! lol Hope you get better luck soon--maybe once they're used to your set-up, they'll have the courtesy to lay in the nest boxes. Try putting a golf ball or two where you want them to lay. Works like a charm for my ducks. [​IMG]
  6. i think it was the mud on the outside of the egg...nice and wet and earthwormy soil. lol.

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