I don't know what is wrong with my favorite hen!


Apr 10, 2015

These are the best pictures I could get. I can try to get better ones if needed.

The situation is that she has been broody the past few weeks. I have noticed that she doesn't really sits on the nest, but kind of collapses into the nest. I know the pale comb and waddle is normal, but it going white. Her eyelids are thick, white and kind of crusty with some scabs on them. I have not seen any signs of mites, but she does love to dust bath when I make her get off her nest. She also shivers when I first take her off. Is that just from plucking her feathers from her chest? Is she feeling the cold more?

Speaking of that, there is the pink skin on the chest where the feathers are missing, but also a white spot. All other chickens seem healthy. Is this just from being broody?

Any ideas?

Thanks. She is my best girl and I hate to lose her.

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