i dont know what is wrong with my rooster :(

socom kid

9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
my rooster was fine and then like a week ago. then i noticed it looked like it was hunched over and wasnt as active and it stoped crowing in the morning and now it sits on the roosting pole in the coop allday hunched over and its crown turn purple ?/ what is wrong with him does he have a disease ??? i stoped eating my eggs because i dont know what he has like does he have a disease that can be transfered to humans ?? the rooster is a 7 months old along with my hens and my hens are fine and its been like 45-55 degrees out side so it shouldnt be from the cold
How is his breathing (you can listen to his lungs if you put your ear to his back)? I doubt he has anything that humans could get. There are a few bird diseases like that, but the majority aren't. Can you try to get him to eat some cooked egg or yogurt? Try giving him electrolytes (Gatorade). You may want to take him into the house to watch him more closely and to make sure that he is eating and drinking. It may also help to try to get him into a warmer environment; warmer is always better for a sick bird.

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