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Apr 1, 2011
Central Kentucky
We have two new silkies. One is a white silkie rooster(1 year old) and the other is a blue silkie cockerel(4 months old).They are with our standard sized girls. The rooster has finally gotten up to "top dog" but the girls always chase the little blue one and peck its feathers out. The white one and the blue one got along perfectly fine until I went down there to check on them tonight. The white one was at the door of the chicken coop with the blue one perching on the bottom of the door. The white one wouldn't let three of my big girls go up into the coop and about every 10-15 seconds he would turn to the blue one and peck the crap out of its head/neck. I moved him out of the way and let the other girls up and then checked on the blue one,which was alright. The blue one is so sweet and I feel so bad for him because hes usually always by himself now that the white one is spending more time with the big girls. Hes now also afraid of the big girls. When we got them, there weren't any left that were the same age as the little blue one. The only other chicks we have are 6 weeks old and are in another coop that's beside our first coop with the big girls in it. They still can't go outside yet and I really don't think the blue silkie would want to go in with the chicks if we did separate him. If we did separate him, I'm afraid he would get very lonely.Is there anything we can do?
It can't hurt to give him seperate quarters. Give him some special attention. All of my boys have seperate coops. I have a controlled breeding program. The boys get used to it after I introduce hens to breed and remove them. They have plenty of space and get into their own routines. It seems that when a rooster has hens in with him and others don't it causes the others to get riled so we give privacy with shade cloth. Seeing the action bugs them even more than noises.good luck

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