I don't think I can handle this chicken dying thing.....

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    When I got chickens in the spring I never realized how upset I would be when some die.
    At first it was a chick that didn't fully hatch. Then a day old died, then I had to put down one that was 6 days old. Then 2 weeks later one got sick and pecked by the others and had to be put down. And now, Fuzz Bucket died from I guess cocci when I almost had the meds for her. None of my adults have died, but for pete's sake, I have 20 chicks, half of them are likely to be roos that are intended for the freezer one day. I was approaching this as a farmer, but I keep giving them names, petting them and carrying them around and I get so upset when one dies.
    Not to mention the guilt when one dies..... did I clean the waterers enough, did I give too many treats, not enough treats, was it too cold, should I have used the vitamin water and so on.
    I lost my beautiful 11 year old dog Tia in November and I thought chickens would be easy, that if they died, it would be ok, they are only chickens. Of course, they don't compare to my dog but I just feel so crappy when something that was alive is now gone.
    Anyways, I am rambling. I am going to get rid of the chickens I think. It is too hard. It is too sad.

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    Don't give it up .............. it gets easier. We have all been there and you are talking to someone that still crys when she talks about a beloved passed pet chicken. The joy you get when it all goes right, seeing those fluffy little chicks, when you learn how to treat one who is ill and help a friend save theirs. It hurts when it goes wrong, but the joy it gives when things are right is wonderful. Don't give up yet. If we all did, this wonderful forum would not exist. [​IMG]

    Cute chickens like this make it worth while.............. [​IMG]
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    I've read your post a few times and want to comfort you and tell you that everything will be alright but I don't know what to say. I've had chickens on and off since I was a kid but I've never felt so attached to them as I do now. I tried to look at it from a 'farmers' perspective. I didn't name them and tried to keep my distance but it's hard. They are tiny little puff balls that grow into big puffballs. Each has their own personality and I sit outside with coffee or a b--r and can watch them for hours if I had the time.

    A few months ago a dog gravely injured one of my chickens and I tried everything I could think of for her but she bled too badly and went into shock and died while I was holding her. I sobbed like a baby.

    We're all human and that's a good thing or we would all walk around like zombies, killing and feeling nothing like Jeffry Dahmer. I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes they get sick and die and we do the best we can for them. Next year you'll have better luck and hopefully you won't lose any. Plus you are learning lessons now like keeping some medicines on hand along with vitamins etc.

    I hope you don't give up. [​IMG]

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    Quote:Chickenzoo is 100% right! You did your best to get the meds your chick needed.

    The same thing happened to me with that blasted cocci so you know what I did? I got on BYC and got a list of what I would need in the event of a chicken emergency and put together a chicken first aid box(seriously) so I wouldn't get caught again without the meds I needed.

    Please don't get discouraged![​IMG]

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