I don't think my light and brooder are keeping my chicks warm enough...... White bulb?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by connor97, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Some of my chicks had pasty butt at first and I heard they get that if they are too cold. I know that the chicks should be at like 90 degrees, but the farther end of their brooder box I have for them where the food and water is, is only at 75-80 degrees. What do you suggest I do to make it warmer?

    Also, my mom was the one who bought me the chicks as a suprise christmas present, and she didnt really know what to buy and stuff because she knows nothing about chickens. I know that red bulbs are suppossed to be better, but she didnt know and she bought me a 125w clear heat lamp. Should I replace this with a new bulb? The chicken guy at the feed store said they should be fine, what do you guys think?
    Thanks !
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    Hi, I personally use a red bulb. Clear are fine actually. If you need to, just set the bulb a little lower to increase the heat. You will know if they are cold cuz they will be piled up. In this case, the chicks on the bottom can be suffocated... SO, if they are piling up, you need to lower the bulb or get a bigger one. They'll still pile up next to each other, kinda like dog piled, but not like a pile of dirty clothes, if you know what I mean. If they are still having pasty butts, there are probiotics you can put in their feed, or plain yogurts. You need to make sure to clean the poo off though. If it covers the vent, they won't be able to poop. You might also want to read some books on chicken keeping. The feed store guys aren't always up to pare. Gail Damerow has good books. Even chicken keeping for dummies...

    Are these your first chickens?
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    I use red simply becuase they peck at each other less and it lets them sleep a little better. but if you have clear it should be fine unless someone starts picking . They are cute but they can be little tyrants and once one starts picking at one they all can start and the little one dosnt stand much chance.
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    Thank you :)
    I have one of Damerow's books and it is great, and yes these are my first chickens. ^_^
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    Jul 26, 2012
    The main cause of pasting up is stress. A good way to help is to add chick grit to the food and I usually make mine some moistened feed. I use warm water and just moisten it to the consistancy of oatmeal and then I sprinkle grit in. There are vit/min supplements you can put in their water which also will help with stress. NovaAman already stated how to tell if they are too cold or hot. I dont use a thermometer I just watch them for how they act. I use red because it is easier on their little eyes, they sleep better and reduces pecking. You will have to adjust the light for them weekly or so to get them slowly used to actual temps. This is a great site with so many people who can help. I learned alot from this site. There are so many helpful people. Please come back and let us know how everything is and feel free to ask any questions you have. Good luck

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