I drove four hours for a song!

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    Mar 22, 2010
    Brisbane, Australia
    Literally! There's a song from way way back here called Tenterfield Saddler. It's in Boy from Oz but dates way before then. It's about the saddler in Tenterfield (shocking, I know) and how the old Australian life was lived. I've really liked this song and play it sometimes and joke to my husband we need to go toTenterfield someday. Well as I was driving I saw a sign for it - it was closer than I thought (in Australia four hours is actually not so bad).... so I said to my husband I wanted to go! So... we went! We went and saw the saddler! And after that we needed stuff to do... so I took all these random turns and roadtripped it and found, well... this place called Thunderbolt's Hideout. It's where an old bushranger used to hide when he stole cattle of farms and was running from the law. He was so famous, MACK made a line of trucks dedicated to the bushrangers and he was one of the thirteen trucks they made, honouring him, Ned Kelly and others.

    There was a tiny path that said Thunderbolt's Hideout 150m.

    So I went there... and found this:

    (Inside an empty tree!)
    (This place was called "Ghost Gully" and you had to jump private property to get to it even though it was on the tourist map, haha)

    I just HAD to share my adventure with you! We also climbed a 300ft cork tree, got leeches, and jumped old ww2 tank traps!! [​IMG]

    Also, sorry about the random self-shots. Somehow the photos just didn't show how massive everything really was without a comparison point.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    Brisbane, Australia
    More photos! 'cause I can [​IMG] :

    This was the old pub horse trough that the Outback rangers used to tie their horses to before going for a drink in the Tenterfield pub and before heading to the famous Saddler for some repairs. Instead I used it as a way to claim my husband.

    This cork tree was a gift to Tenterfield from England. Not quite sure why exactly, but it is reputed to be Australia's largest cork tree.
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    Nov 6, 2009
    Beautiful pictures!

    I've always wanted to visit there.
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    Thanks for sharing! Awesome!
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    Neat! I love exploring senic places like that.
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    May 3, 2009
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    Other than "getting leeches" sounds like a great day. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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