I fear it's gapeworm. One problem... Need to make a wormer


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My ill hen probably has gapeworm. My supplier said apple cider vinegar is a wormer, obviously not. I don;t have any wormer to treat the hen, she's probably at death's door. what can I use instead of Flubenvet etc.. All the suppliers are closed until tomorrow, by then I can't really do much. I need help and fast!
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Now, now, don't be negative. It's Sunday morning in the US, and people aren't on as much. This afternoon and evening will be hopping.

It's hard to say what here problem is, because there are so many variables. I usually set up a fan when it's really hot, or let them free range so they can find a cool spot themselves.

But if she isn't eating and drinking, free ranging won't be good, because you can't observe her.

Try to get a look at her droppings. And the following link is to a set of questions- if you answer as many as possible it helps us help you.

OK, 24C is about 75F, a usual nighttime low where I am. My chickens do pant in the middle of the day; I keep a fan on them. Our highs are often 100F or more, or almost 38C. If there is plenty of ventilation where she is, I don't think air temp is the problem, but they do need good ventilation. They also need to be free of ammonia odors from poop. Just trying to think of reasons she might be opening her mouth to breathe. Gapeworm might be another possibility here, but I don't even know whether it exists on your side of the pond.

Organic apple cider vinegar is a probiotic, meaning it gives them "good" bacteria in the gut. It is probably quite beneficial, but will not worm them.

One experienced chicken handler on here puts 3 Tbsp. of cayenne pepper in every gallon of feed to manage worms. Evidently they do not taste the spicy hotness of it.

I don't quite understand why you suspect worms when she seems to be having difficulty breathing.

At any rate, here is a thread on worms in chickens:


It includes a wet mash recipe that might help her feel better.
I got some powder, which is meant to kill parasites, from a friend. She doesn't want to eat though, I put some of the food in her beak and she ate it. She has been drinking, but likes to remain inside. I will leave her for a few hours and come back to check on her. I hope it works.

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