I fear the worst for my boy Rex...

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Crazyland, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Crazyland

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Sandhills NC
    My son let the dogs out this morning and I didn't know about it.
    2 of my 3 dogs were here but one was missing. I have been searching all day for him. Put a lost and found on CL. Left a note with the local rescue. Talked to neighbors. But no sign of my boy.

    One neighbor said that 2 weeks ago a dog went missing up the road. I know this summer a dog went missing in the other direction.

    I fear the worst and don't know what to do.

    This is my husbands dog. I have his brother. And my husband comes home tomorrow.

    This is just in a very long string of very bad luck.

    Husband was restationed and we couldn't go with him. It is for at least 2 years.
    House was robbed. Army is taking away money to pay only for where my husband is and we have to pay for 2 households as he can't live in the barracks. With all the money we are lacking I had to pull my special needs daughter out of a preschool she was excelling in and put her in public. I have been fighting with her new school over paperwork. Out of propane for the house, which I had to get am emergency loan just to get it turned on and use what was in there. Mice in the house, one eaten by one of the dogs. Dog got sick all over my carpets monday and I had to run all over town just to find one cleaner for rent! Eventually found one. Repairs to my van which should have been needed seeing as the van is less than a year old. Husband had to have an emergency root canal which almost prevented him from coming home tomorrow.

    So how do I tell my husband tonight his dog is missing? With everything that has gone wrong this is just going to crush him!
  2. verthandi

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    May 18, 2007
    Hold on and believe that things will turn out for the best, it is Christmas and the time for miracles. Something good has always followed any hard times that I have faced. They lead me in directions I would not have taken if things had gone smoothly in my life. Hopeful wishes that your husband's dog has just gotten side tracked on his way home.
  3. Skyesrocket

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    Mar 20, 2008
    Wow, you really are having it tough. Hopefully the dog is out chasing something interesting and will be back by morning.
    I think it is criminal that our servicemen are paid so little that some families have to have food stamps to survive.
    Thank You and your husband for the sacrifices you are making. It truley is appreciated.
  4. Crazyland

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Sandhills NC
    I left food out for him in case he came home.
    He isn't here.
    In a couple hours I will be making flyers and passing them out. No luck on CL yet.
  5. duckncover

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    Jan 17, 2009
    North Eastern PA
    I think you should keep doing what your doing for the dog but I have some ideas. First off since you have the internet on your side look into http://www.fidofinder.com/ I've never used it but I bet it would help if you put a specific address and area and if possible a picture. Leave food out for him and try hard to think about what kinds of attractions do you have near you. If it's a market make sure you not only check their for him lingering for food but also try to leave something with a store owner. He'll need food and water soon so you have to in a way think like him. I don't know the dog but if he's very friendly he could have gotta distracted by people. If he's hungry and there isn't anywhere to find food MAKE SURE you check everyplace within a fair distance that has chickens and other small animals because he may be either looking for food or looking for shelter. He's going to need water much much sooner than food so look around water bodies. I'm not sure how rural an area you live in but I'm positive he won't just stay lost in the woods forever. He after all is an animal and will try to find a shelter at some point. Handing out fliers is a good idea. Stat it's a child's pet since things like that draw peoples attention. I don't know if this will help any at all but I really do hope for the best! [​IMG] And you're around him the most so think of what kind of thinks get his attention the most. If you can't trust him around your chickens then I'd definitely try looking in someone's coop.
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  6. chickensioux

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    Feb 12, 2009
    Western North Carolina
  7. mekasmom

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    Dec 9, 2008
    Good luck. I hope you find him.
  8. AnconaDuck

    AnconaDuck Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 15, 2009
    I hope you can find him!
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  9. Crazyland

    Crazyland Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 14, 2009
    Sandhills NC
    Long story short...
    Someone picked him up yesterday and he was taken care of. Thank God cause it was below freezing last night! And that is wasn't some nut job.
    All those flyers I put out this morning worked!
    Of course I got a nasty phone call about putting flyers in mailboxes.

    But I got our boy back and that is all that matters right?
  10. thebritt

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Humboldt County
    I hope things start to turn around for y'all soon [​IMG] Hang in there!

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