I feel bad for my new hens.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by stubbornhill, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Apr 11, 2011
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    We purchased four 1 1/2 year old layers on Sunday. (We needed a few more layers to support our egg needs) Two Leghorns and two Australorps. We treat our chickens very well. Don't get me wrong. They have plenty of quality layer pellets, fresh water, garden and kitchen scrap treats, a large enough coop and large run. But where we got them from...my goodness!! Chicken heaven! The man had a huge chicken tractor and a large fenced area that he would move every 10 days or so. The pasture that they were on was so lush. Long green, thick, thick, thick grass. He is a produce farmer and they got fresh yellow and red peppers everyday. Eggplant, squash, tomatoes, greens, you name it. What they were eating for snacks in their pen was better looking produce then most people eat!

    Then, we took them home. [​IMG] No more lush green pasture. [​IMG] The two leghorns each laid and egg that seriously are almost the size of two golfballs together. Jumbo-jumbo eggs.

    Have any of you ever felt like by bringing chickens back to your house, they were missing out?
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    We just picked up 6 layers last tuesday for our flock, and not to be mean to the seller ( they had everything they needed and healthy) but they were not able to free range, and not enough nesting boxes, or room in the coop (thus why she was selling some). SO when I let them out of our double the size coop the first morning, into a totally free land of everything they could want they ran around like kids getting candy!

    I live in Wisconsin, and have seen some amazing places, and some pretty bad ones when buying chickens or ducks. But I think if your doing the small little things that matter, like clean bedding, treats once an awhile, and just keeping your birds healthy your doing an amazing job! They will be happy anywhere if there daily needs are being taken care of!

    Plus this guy you said does produce for a large amount of his living.... his vegetables better look nice [​IMG]

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