i feel guilty for haveing to kill my baby chick

I see egggggs

7 Years
May 16, 2012
this morning i came downstairs to give the chicks we have in are kitchen tell they are older some more food and watter and when i came downstairs i saw one of are chicks on the floor i thought it was dead i sighed and said he is in a better place now but when i picked him up to put him in a paper towl then go barry him i saw he was still breathing so i set him down on the floor and to see if he could stand he just fell back ward and becuse all my family had allready left the house i knew i had one option so i took the sicors and some more paper towl i went out to the back porch pulled its head higher and snip :'( i barred him but now i feel like the worst person on the world cus im so guilty but i know that it was the right thing to do it would have sufferd this is the first time i have had to even kill a animal for people who have can any of you give me some help
You did the right thing! You ended his suffering instead of letting him linger on in pain. You shouldn't feel guilty at all. You did the poor mite a favor.
i know it is part of being a pet owner but i just cant get that feeling out of my gut that feling like it is a dryer going round and round and roun....
i do this all the time! i have chicks born with insides hanging out of there buts and stuff and i just wrap em in a paper towel then pull there heads off.
I had a turkey polt last week that came out of the shell fine. The next morning he could not walk and was going down hill quickly. I typically just take them to the back deck and sharply hit their hed across the railing. It is instant. I prefer not to pull the head completely off.

I had to kill my first chicken the other day, too. :( It was a poor little Silkie who got cornered by my adult birds. I had to put it out of its misery as quickly as possible, so I gave it one last little pet and snapped its neck. I don't feel bad about the actual killing, but I still feel so awful that it even happened, and I keep flashing back to that dread when I first saw it on the floor. I don't mind killing cockerels for the meat, but a harmless little Silkie felt like such a waste, you know?

I guess its something we have to get used to with livestock. I feel lucky that I made it well over a year without any fatalities.

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