I feel like all my barred rocks look the same...help?


5 Years
Apr 30, 2014
Hi, I bought 6 barred plymouth rocks from a feed store, straight run. One died the day after we got it home, and the rest all look the same to me. They are 4 weeks old. Can someone help us out? If they all look the same because they are roos we need to buy some more soon and get rid of the roos. Last year we got straight run brown leghorns and ended up with 5 pullets and 1 roo...doubt we would be that lucky twice! (they are the same 5 in the same order in both pictures)

Well, they all look like pullets to me.......maybe it was really a bin of sexed birds, or maybe you need to kiss my next batch of hatching eggs for luck lol.
ohhh I am so excited!!!!!! except our coop only holds 6 and we have 3 brown leghorns already...I guess we are building an extra coop!

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