I feel like giving up....... now I lost Sheldon & Sebastian too !


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Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
I went out to feed up and found both Sheldon and Sebastian dead in there wheel chairs. I am just devastated. We got a lot of rain yesterday and today and I had them outside laying in a bed of nice hay with partial shelter. It got real wind and blew off the shelter, so they got wet, Sebastian more than Sheldon. They where both almost adults, full plumage. I brought them in the barn to dry off where most of the time they stayed the night and put them in there chairs. They seemed fine. Some how during the night their water bucket got knocked over...... that is the only thing I can think of that might have killed them unless they got sick from the weather. I am just heart broken. i can't keep anything right it seems. I am so tired of going through this heart break lately.....


Rest in Peace little buddies, i hope you can swim and run with the best of them now..........


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Mar 12, 2010
Oh my heart goes out to you!!!! I know how you are feeling. In the last year alone we have lost so many of our loved ones to so many things :< My favorite hen got killed by a hawk. Another hen by a mink and another fav hen drown in our pond. One of our beautiful geese was killed by a neighbors dog and one white duck missing! Our hen has been sitting on 17 eggs and only 2 were born. We found 2 dead and half out of the shells. IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!! We have built night areas that are totally caged in so they are all safe but that won't protect them during the day. I'm only 2 years new to this whole lifestyle and I become so attached to them all and get heart broken constantly. Sometimes I want to stop having any more of them but my hubby won't allow that. He doesn't feel the pain that I do and gets mad at me now when I try to protect them. Men can be so darn heartless!!!!! Anyways...just wanted to let ya know I understand you.


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Feb 7, 2009
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oh honey, im so sorry to hear that.

just remember, you were the one who gave them the best life they would have EVER had! No one would put so much time and dedication into these beautiful babies. You are right, they are swimming and playing with all their other feather friends. May they rest in peace. You did a great job while you had the chance.


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Jan 9, 2009
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I wanted to cry myself when I read your post.
My heart goes out to you. They sure are cute guys.
I know what you mean about all the rain and wind. These are water fowl, would the rain really hurt them?
Please don't lose heart, its not your fault. Looks to me like you surely did right by those cute boys.

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