I FIGURED IT OUT!!! The Breed is AMERAUCANA's for the ...

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by snowydiamonds, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. 5 Black (1 roo- YA HOO!!!) and 1 Blue, too!!!

    Now I'll have to post pics of all 6 of the Blue Lace Red Wyandotte looking chicks, they are all a bit different looking...

    This lil pullet looks similar to my Blue Lace Red Wyandottes and the other three from the same hatch all have black heads and necks while she has red, what is she?
    And the black chickie I have 5 of, one is a roo, very nice birds, gentle to humans and smaller chicks, beautiful green sheen with dark colored leggings, have recently developed ear muffs and beards within the past week so I'm once again confused about their breed...any one know this breed? Amish lookin' beauties...

    This one in front I have three of that used to be speckled, but the speckles are disappearing, what breed would this be?
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  2. Plymouthroxgal

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    May 14, 2008
    That Looks Like A Blue Laced Wyanadotes ( sorry for my spelling i know its incorrect)
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  3. If those two are Blue Lace Red Wyandottes, then two look the same, one more looks a bit different (her), three look like each other but different than the first three...I'll try to get a pic of them all together tonight when they've gone to nest.

    Still no thoughts on the ear muffed and bearded black chickens?

    I've looked on Feathersite and thought I'd found the breed three times now for the black ones but was wrong each time!

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