I finally did it!!!

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    Jun 25, 2010
    I finally let them out by themselves! Ducks had a blast as I put water in a kiddie pool (knew they would stick with the water) I have a rooster that I swear is letting himself get eaten I found him a long ways from the other chickens but all in all they were in heaven scratching all the grass and figuring out how to be outside with a dog and a cat looking on.

    Dog was really good and just laid down. Cat walked up to a chicken on high alert and I thought a fight was going to happen and I would have to step in but silly cat just purred at the chicken so the chicken backed down. I ended up putting them all back in the coop by chasing them all in as I wasn't willing to babysit through supper time and I wasn't sure if they would actually put themselves to bed [​IMG]

    I am very proud that I have taken this step because eventually I want them free ranging all day~ Baby steps~ Plus I have a chicken killing dog so I have to know where she is at all times otherwise it won't work. Kids sometimes don't help with this idea so for now it will be when I am home alone when they get their freedom.
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    Mar 14, 2010
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    In my experience....Less than a year now. I have old birds given to me and now chick that I let a hen raise. They are all free range during the day. I Let them out in the morning and put them up at night due to the preditors around. My dog has never killed a chicken before. I would try a shock collar on the dog and then watch her from hiding. When she makes a move give her a good jolt. Shouldn't take long to get the point across.

    As for the chickens they will get the hang of it. There are always a few the take a few days to get the hang of going in. I still have one I have to put in every night. She isn't very smart I guess.

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