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    Sep 12, 2012
    I just got a rescued Hahn's Macaw from another user here on BYC that lives about 15 minutes from me. And oh. my. lord. THIS girl bonded with me almost instantly. I originally said I'd take her because I love birds of all sorts and always wanted (but never got) a parrot. But after talking with my sister (who I live with at the moment) we agreed we would make it a gift to her boys - one 18, the other 15.

    Turns out they don't stand much of a chance. She's already bonded with me, less than 24 hours of being here. She bit me when she first saw me at the lady's house and drew blood. But I went with it, and kept hand-feeding her and picking her up anyway. Within two hours, she was walking across my shoulders and licking my face. By late last night, she was trying to pull my mouth open.

    This morning it took her a moment to recognize who I was, but then she settled right back in. She no longer bites to hurt, she does it because I'm annoying her somehow (like petting her when she wants to get a sunflower seed instead) and it's more of a move to grab my hand to stop me, not actually biting.

    Unfortunately, my two nephews haven't been able to get as close. I think my lack of fear goes a long way with it though - I'm not afraid of being bitten. It hurts, but you move on. But it will be a huge challenge for them to overcome the bond she's probably already made with me. But I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing, because as kids - especially teenagers - they tend to "lose interest" in things quickly, outside of their social circles. At least this way she'll always have someone she has bonded with, willing to spend time with her.

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