I finally got my first chicks!


6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
West Tennessee
Yippee! I finally got my first chicks - six adorable White Plymouth Rocks. Hopefully, only one of them is a roo!

Now I need to get the walls on my coop...

I always did work better under a deadline! :)
Yeah, roosters are not a problem in my neighborhood. I have a neighbor (that's his roof, closest in the picture) who has two or three Japanese fighting roosters (he doesnt' fight them - he just thought they were cool looking) in with his substantial flock of chickens (and his lot is half the size of mine). Our neighborhood is directly surrounded by farmland on two and a half sides, with farmland within a block on the other side, and, though you can't tell in the picture because of the angle, my lot is half an acre. The fences look close because one of them is the back fence of the chicken run, and this is the very back corner of my lot.

But I'm sure neighborhoods surrounded by city probably wouldn't allow roosters. We're lucky in our placement. Fingers crossed that the last farm holdouts keep on holding out!
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The chicks have officially outgrown their Rubbermaid Tote brooder box, so my husband built me another one out of pieces of a fence we tore down last week.

They have more space than they really need right now, but I understand that Plymouth Rocks are large birds, and the rate they are growing, they'll probably need this space before they are fully feathered.

It's a 4' x 4' x 2' box, using pieces of a broken futon as covers.

They are really enjoying the extra space, they will go to one corner, and fly across to the other. It's very fun to watch!

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