I finally have some chickens!


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I bought 4 1-week-old chicks at the feed store today, and on Thursday I'll pick up 5 2.5-week-olds from my daughter's kindergarten class.

I'm not sure what to do about the difference in ages. I have 2 50-gal rubbermaid bins, but they grow so fast. Maybe I'll try integrating them as soon as the littler ones are feathered.

Anyone have any advice? Putting them together now would be a Bad Idea, right?
I may be wrong, but I think those are close enough in age to put together. Just keep an eye on them to make sure the older ones do'n beat up the younger ones. (just like kids.)
I'd try to put them together. Like big greg barker said. Sounds like they'll have plenty of room in one of the rubbermaids. to give you an idea.... we had 21, 1 day old chicks together in a 35 ~30 gal rubbermaid, and they had plenty of room. We put them out to play in the yard in our westies old puppy play yard. They have a blast! I would move them out to the coop when they're 4 ~ 5 weeks old. Also, use a red heat lamp in the rubbermaid, the red light is more soothing, and helps deter picking. Don't forget to give them treats too! ours love banana's plain yogurt, strawberries, sweet corn, cooked oatmeal, fresh cut grass. Just give them a little chick grit if you give treats. Also, put a teaspoon of apple cider vinager in their water... it helps their little bodies absorb nutrients. Good Luck! I hope this is helpful to you. & Welcome to Backyard Chickens! You'll be a pro in no time!
Don't forget~ post pics! we love to see the baby pics!
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Very helpful, thanks! I'll put the cider vinegar in right now.

I didn't know they were old enough for treats! My 6 yr old will be thrilled; she's dying to feed them something besides crumbles, and we haven't even had them 24 hrs!

Guess I'm back to the feed store for some grit...

These little chickies are better than tv; I could watch them all day! Only trouble is, my 2 yr old wants to get in the bin with them, or at least fill their waterer with shavings.
I'm tempted to bring the brooder into the house so I can stop and stare at them whenever I want, but between the toddler, the fact that I have CHORES that need doing
and also the need for some biosecurity (we have an elderly cockatiel), they're probably best staying out in the garage. Oh well!

Oh! How do I post a picture within my forum post??
Welcome to the wonderful world of chickens! It's very addicting. I actually have my brooder in the house. I have a small room in the front of the house with a glass door so I can check on them at any time. My 6 girls are now 4 weeks old and getting very big, just waiting for the coop to be completed so I can move them into their "Chick Mahal"! My husband thinks I have lost my mind because I am so chicken obessed....if I am not on this website then I am in the den with my girls. Enjoy them, they grow fast!
Uh-oh!! Too late for you now!!! Once you catch the 'chicken addiction virus' there is no cure for you
. You will begin to find yourself watching more and more of "Chicken TV" and won't get anything else done. Then you will start thinking about building more and more coops to hold the chicks from the eggs that you will start hatching
. This is really a hopeless situation

Seriously, welcome to the world of chickens
I'm in Massachusetts also, I'm over near Worcester.
The "virus" isn't so bad when it hits you, it's when it hits your kids that you have to watch out. All I hear from my six year old is "Mom when are we ever going to get ducks?" or "Mom, when are we ever going to hatch our own eggs?" and on and on he goes. This morning my four year old daughter told me she's going to wear stained pants so she "get chicken poop on them."
I wonder if they will still like them after taking care of them all winter though? Hehehehe

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