I finally took my 4 x 8 brooder down today:-(

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Poultry Snuggie
11 Years
Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
It broke my heart! I built that huge brooder in March and it has been in use until today! The babies are not babies anymore and at 9 weeks old they have been out freerangingwith the big dogs for about a week now! Now I have so much room in my garage-I love it! I have rearranged cages-feed-and put out nesting boxes for my 5 month old-Those girls have been singing the "song" for about a week now and no eggs to show for the noise:-( I have 45+? birds free ranging all over-At 7:30 they wander back into garage to put themselves back to bed...I do a head count and lock garage door behind me-all safe and sound! Once in a while I have to do a search and rescue for a dufus that never made it all the way home though. I have never not had one turn up..Knock on wood! My bator is in that garage full of a white covering of dust-waiting for my silkies to lay so I can do test batches:) As much as Im glad I have no chicks left..I do miss it..

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