I found my Silkie's nest finally :o]


11 Years
May 23, 2008
My 6 month old black silkie has been making noises that sounded like "I've laid another one!" so i went hunting today. sure enough, tucked behind the feeder platform is her little nest of five eggs all bedded in straw and almost covered from eyesight. I think she's been laying just this week so far. I'll be keeping a closer eye to see when/if she might start sitting on them as a new broodie.
Our little Charlotte is half Silkie finds the most interesting places to lay her eggs and go broody. But she doesn't warn us or tell us she's laying, she goes into stealth mode, not a squeek or squawk to give her away!
One of my silkie girls is about 2 years old I got her when she was about 1 year old. She never makes a peep when she lays but boy does she announce when they start hatching. She makes the awfullist sounds I think she is just a overly proud momma..LOL

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