I found Pox on my hen, yesterday What do I do ?

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  1. nikki_r5

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    I found a protruding lesion on the left side of Bobbie's upper beak, yesterday.

    It looks as though she'd been scratching or it may have even bumped it to cause it to try to (bleed / ooze - pus ?)
    The outside of the lesion appears dry & crusty but the center of it looks like it may erupt. (not so - it's firm)

    I dabbed Peroxide on it to keep ooze out of her beak.

    She does have 2 small flat lesions in the wattles. One black and one brown

    She is in a pen by herself but only separated by chicken wire.
    (The problem I think came from the wild doves & pigeons who come to feed since the top of her pen is open ?)

    What do I do ? How do I treat this ? Info. Please !!!
    I will be adding photo/s later

    Please do not refer me to this link; I need basic layman's terms and instructions, please !

    (Didn't understand Merck's Fowl Pox at all !)
  2. cafarmgirl

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    Dry fowl pox is spread by mosquitos. You generally do not need to do anything in the way of treatment, it will clear up on it's own in time and birds will then have immunity. Wet fowl pox is more complicated when lesions are in the eyes and in the mouth/throat. BIrds can have a very hard time eating/drinking and often require more supportive care to get through. But as long as you are just seeing lesions on the face/wattles it's probably dry pox. They can look pretty awful for a while but they do clear up in a couple weeks.
  3. nikki_r5

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    (Her eye is only closed since I have her lying on her side & am messing w/ her. Normally, her eyes are clear & open.)


    Now, here You can see the round spot on her beak that kinda oozes (blood / pus) when she bumps it, is excited, etc.
    The dry skin just cracks around the spot and allows the stuff to go into her beak. :(
    She has two spots underneath her left eye and a tiny one on top of her comb.

    I found a small spot starting on the center edge of her right eye lid.

    Ok, now what ? Is it Wet or Dry ?
    What do I do ? What do I use ?
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  4. casportpony

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    If the iside of her mouth looks normal it's dry pox.

  5. nikki_r5

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    I don't know if it is or not ?
    I have not checked, because it's like . . . . If her blood pressure goes up... that spot on her beak starts to ooze !

    Ok, what about the little bump I found coming up on her other eyelid ? (not shown)

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