I found the flock favorite!

Do you feed your chooks carrots?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Sometimes

  • If I have them

  • On a rare occasion

  • They HATE carrots

  • Ew. Who would even think that.

  • I dont eat carrots. Why would my birds?

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Jan 17, 2022
I was cleaning the kitchen after supper tonight and realized that I could make the chickens some treats from leftover canned and sliced carrots! You know, the sliced carrots that come in a metal cans from the store. So, I made ice cubes for the big chickens, I don't know how well carrots freeze, but I'll find out! I only made 4 and I experimented some. They all have carrot juice from the can. 1 is not mashed at all, 1 is kinda broken up, and 1 is mashed. The fourth is very small. I only covered the bottom of the slot. Then I took 2 slices and a little juice and mashed it up for my chicks in the house. Once they tasted it, they couldnt stop! I mean fighting each other to eat it! It was CRAZY how much they loved it. I will give an update on the big chickens thoughts. But as I was giving this treat, I was wondering. Who else gives their birds carrots?
My ducks LOVE carrots, too! My chickens are... ambivalent towards them. They'll eat them when I toss them in the run for the ducks. My chickens much prefer cantaloupe, salad shrimp, and Greek yogurt over carrots.
I dont know how the bigs will react. This is the first treat my littles have ever gotten. I figured it is soft so it would be easy on their digestive system.
I give them raw carrot tops with the greens and a bit of the root. A big carrot (I get some big ones at end of season) can keep them busy for days.

I didn't know canned carrots existed... :oops:
Oh yeah...

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