I Got a Broody Question


10 Years
Sep 21, 2009
I have a broody Black Copper. She has been sitting in an empty nesting box in the main coop for over a week now. Last year I let a broody try to hatch in the main coop and it was a disaster because I couldn't keep the other hens out and the eggs kept getting broke.

I have an old duck house that I want to use as a broody coop. It is very secure and will be locked up each night. I plan to move it next to the coop run and put up a pen around it. My broody will be separated from the other chickens but still be able to see them.

I will be giving her some of my own eggs to hatch. Once I get the broody coop/pen set up should I put the eggs in it when I move her? Do I move her in at night or during the day?
Sounds like a great set-up.

If you have valuable eggs, then you should give her some fake eggs or not-valuable eggs until you are sure she will remain broody. If you do not mind that much if she decides to not be broody any longer and you wind up losing the eggs, then you can try her final eggs. She does need some eggs to set on when you first move her.

I'd move her at night with as little light and commotion as you can manage. I'd also be tempted to wait until midday or thereabouts to let her out of the duck house the first day. Keep her in the dark for a while. Dark seems to calm them down.
Thank you very much! I will set it up tomorrow and move her tomorrow night! Or tonight if I can get the hubby to move the duck house today!!

Not to worried about the eggs, I have plenty of hens laying. so if I were to lose 6-12 it's not a big deal.

Another one has gone broody, so if the first one doesn't work I'll try number 2!

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