I got a new live trap...Update: new cam


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Apr 14, 2009
Benton (Saline County) AR
I went to bait my brand new raccoon trap tonight and it was GONE!!!

This weekend I believe a 2-legged predator took my EE hen and apparently my live trap as well!!!!

Damnit if I don't have to buy a lock and chain for EVERYTHING I OWN!!!!!!!
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I don't live on the land that my chickens do so that does somewhat complicate security.

I have to run to WM for something else in a few minutes though. I might take a credit card and invest in a game cam that I can't afford.....and another set of padlocks
I hadn't even taken the mini trap out of the inside of it yet! It was so new that I still have the receipt floating around in the passenger seat of my truck!

My old live trap has been out there for several months, but I guess a shiny new one was just too tempting??? Some days I can't stand humans
Enter new Moultrie Game Cam with IR flash (and padlock) and 2GB sd card that should hold 1400 high quality pix

If anyone comes snooping around when I'm not there, I'll know about it.
Last night, er early this morning I got quite a few pix of the roosters checking it out

I erased all those and re set it for tonight. I padlocked it to a cattle panel (no trees avaliable) but the wire is pretty darn thick you'd need some MEGA bolt cutters to get it off. Here's hoping.
I couldn't find a serial number on the camera either, you know, to write down just in case I needed to file a police report later. grr

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