I got my first egg...and then...

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    May 1, 2009
    So I came home from a late meeting at work on Monday, went out to check the chickens and lock them in for the night, and to my surprise there was an egg!! I don't have my nesting boxes ready yet so she just back right up to the corner and laid it. I was so excited, told my husband we have to get the nesting boxes done this weekend. I kept going back out to the coop just hoping that there would be more eggs. And I got nothing! Nada! Zip! Oh, how they can be so cruel and tease me so!![​IMG]
  2. That seems to be the way with new layers. My EE gave me a lovely tan egg on a Friday afternoon (after several hours of serious squawking!), then nothing for 3 days. After her 2nd egg, she's been consistently laying one egg every other day. Your girl should get on a schedule soon. Congrats tho on the one egg!

    FYI - My EE refuses to use the lovely boxes we have installed. We have 4 nest boxes with a perch outside them, 12x12 painted dark, with shavings inside along with weighted plastic eggs...she still prefers the farthest corner of the coop to lay her eggs!

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