I got some hatchin eggs!

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  1. Got 18 multicolored eggs from a buddies mom, They are mixed breed. the father is some type of crested that looks like fraggle rock. The mothers are RIR, Buff orps, barred rocks, black/white polish, some type of bantam, leghorn andlight bhrama. I am not sure if they are fertile yet but Im pretty sure they are. I would love to have a crested laying hen, and the rest will go back to my friends mothers coop.
    I know kinda the basics but all advice will be appreciated. My plan is to let them sit for a week(most were laid today but a few were from earlier in the week) then start incubating at 100.5 with water in the bottm of my hovabator. I will candle in 5 days to make sure theyre fertile. I'll probably only be able to turn them in the mornings and then in the evenigs on the days I work. Like I said, ALL ADVICE IS APPRECIATED.
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    It sounds like you are going to do exactly what Im about to do with your/my first hatching eggs to have a try at!

    All the best with it mate! Im also only going to be turning my eggs 2-3xdaily because of work restrictions. Maybe my kids will chip in and turn them an additional 1-2times/day who knows...is this awesome or what!?
  3. Yeah, its pretty cool. I was reading stories book, and decided to put the eggs in tonite, as the book says the longer they sit the lower the hatch. Just fine tuning the bator now and the eggs will go in tonite. I am really excited, but the 3 week wait will really hurt. Im not so patient, but this cant b rushed. I just really want like a RIR or barred rock with a crest head.
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    Good luck! Keep that temp steady and they will be fine!

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