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    Well I got fired from my job...on the 4TH OF JULY!! It's because a few times my boss had gone over the rooms after I cleaned them and found a hair or two on the rug. The last time they were most def my hairs, that day I hadn't worn my hair up (big mistake!) and he saved the hairs to show them to me the next day. Then on the third I forgot to restock the mini fridge with soda before I left, and that was it for me. I came into work on the 4th and he fired me. He was very nice about it and said that I'm a very polite and courteous person, I always show up on time, etc. and that he would put in a good word for me at a few other places around that are hiring.

    I'm not bitter or anything, it's just very upsetting. I liked that job and I've NEVER gotten fired before. I've quit a few jobs because they made me miserable, gotten laid off for seasonal gigs, but never fired. There are plenty of jobs out there, but it is so hard to actually get an interview and a lot of the jobs around here are specialized things. I am probably going to have to bite the bullet and get a retail job.

    Life just has this vicious cycle going. I really want to work with animals, but in order to work with animals I need a degree. In order to get a degree, I need a car because the local college only does their biology courses at a campus that's an hour to an hour and a half drive away. In order to get a car, I need a job (a good one at that) and I also don't have my license because I don't have a car to practice driving in. It just goes on and on. My boyfriend says I can practice driving in his mom's car (which he shares with her), but he doesn't get home until around 8 on weekdays, and by then he's too tired to supervise me driving, (plus gas costs money, the jeep only gets like 12 miles to the gallon). On the weekends, his mom and stepfather use the car most of the day to get things done that they can't get done on the weekdays because he has their car.

    This is just so frustrating. I should have gone to college straight out of high school but I guess there's no point in complaining about it now. Plus I didn't really know exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to work with animals, but didn't know specifically in what capacity I wanted to work with them.
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    [​IMG] Getting fired stinks.
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    You probably don't have to take your Biology class your freshman year of college. Why don't you sign up for your general studies classes first and do them online? Most universities allow that, which will save you the expense of traveling to and from, and then with your extra scholarship/grant/school loans, buy a little starter car. Most people have money left over per semester that is for food and transportation costs, but if you don't need to actually travel, use it to get a car so you can have transportation for when you do have to make the trip to the school for specific classes.
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    Have you tried calling all the Veterinarians in your area? I got in as a vet assistant (years ago now) with no training. Some are willing to train you. Even if they just start you off at the front desk, you will still learn bunches and get to assist when they are short handed.
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    I was going to suggest the same thing. It would help you figure out what kind of animal work you really want to do.
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    I would try vets,local shelters,and boarding facilities.Shoot even a pet store might be ok.
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    @calico: Thanks for the hug [​IMG] back at you

    @chickenlady: I didn't even think of that, I could look into what classes I can take at the local campus and get those done first. Paying for college was the other problem I forgot to mention, that is if I can't get financial aid.

    @chooks&gully: The ones that are hiring are looking for experienced vet techs only. If I ever found one that would take me, I would do it in a heart beat but I really want to be an aquarist or a zookeeper >.> I have 2 years of experience volunteering at a public aquarium and if I hadn't moved over 1,000 miles away I would still be there today. That is without a doubt what I want to spend my life doing. I would have volunteered there monday through friday if I didn't need to work for money. Unfortunately because I did not get paid for it, the zoo nearby does not consider it "experience". Go figure.
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    Feb 18, 2011
    You can definitely work with animals if you are willing to dig deep. You can go for an animal control officer position, you can work in a vet's office, you can look into becoming a specialty department associate for Petsmart or work as a groomer, you can walk dogs. I worked for Petsmart back in high school which led me to working with a vet's office. Today I still work in rescue and volunteer as a guide dog puppy raiser. You can also work a regular job and volunteer as a puppy raiser for a guide dog organization on the side. Make volunteering on the side your current mission until you can get the rest sorted out. You'd be surprised how many people you meet and doors of opportunity that open.
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    I just watched a really interesting local special on a girl who created a pet-sitting service. It does require a car, but your boss said you were good at being on time, and the number one thing about pet sitters is reliability to come when they say they will. What if you worked to get your own reliable car, and then started an animal care service? This girl was walking dogs, feeding chickens, visiting homes where people were on vacation, or just too busy to take their dogs out. She had a routine scheduled out with certain clients at certain times of day, and she just kept going from one to another. Are you in a populated area? I'll bet you could build up a regular group of clients and gradually build it into a real income.
    It would take time - you 'd need some other job to finance it, but that is true of so many things.
    Good luck!
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    I'm a pet sitter, and I get some really good money doing it. My base charge is around $10 an hour if that includes feeding, watering, and a 45 min walk. My family is going on vacation for a week in august and my friend is pet-sitting. She is going to stay at the house, take care of all the animals, get free food, cable, tv, and we are paying her $300 (same price as just taking the 2 dogs to the kennel). It is a really good way to work with animals, but your only problem would be a car.

    If you are considering this, your should check out Care.com. It is an entire site dedicated to sitting of all kinds.
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