I hate cows!!!!!!!!


Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!
14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
I hate cows so much right now it's a good thing I don't know where the shotgun shells are kept.

I was gone from the house for 15 minutes and the freakin' cows busted thru the electric fence and got into the chicken yard again!

Ate about half of the litter in the coop.
Knocked the feeder down and got something nasty (looks like cow poo but came from their mouths?) all over the feeder!
Knocked over and stomped on both of the chicken's outside waterers. Spilled the inside waterer onto what was left of the chicken litter. Gee, you dumb beasts! It's been raining for five freakin' days, you couldn't find water elsewhere?????
Knocked the catch pens that were neatly stacked against an outbuilding all over the yard.
Ate the chicken's oyster shell??????
Scared the chickens so bad that they don't want to come out of the woods.
And finally, knocked a 8 ft. section of the yard fence down, meaning Jax will have to be walked on a leash in our yard until we can fix the fence.
DH says we can't afford a weed burner fence charger right now and the one we have is simply not strong enough to encourage the dumb beasts!
I told DH that the only thing that would make me feel better right now is a nice thick ribeye!
I hate cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not only did they NOT clean up, they left some fertilizer behind! Right in front of the coop door, of course. So much for having a nice layer of deep litter method to start winter with. Gotta start all over again now.
Hey now! No picking on my baby boy.
Jax is an angel! even if he did destroy a kong tennis ball not five minutes after I took it out of the package.
Oh my... I think you just convinced me that I do NOT want a cow. Hubby asked me just last night if I wanted to raise one... Nope, nuh uh. No way.

I'm so sorry.

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