I Hate it When...


8 Years
Feb 16, 2011
New Jersey
I hate it when chicks grow up wayyy to fast! I also hate it when i have to get rid of some of the chick! What are some of the things you hate about chickens... (i love chickens sooo muchhhh but somethings you have to hate!)
I hate it when my favorite chick turns out to be a boy!

I hate it when they play 'let's hide and scare the crap outta the foodlady'

I hate it when they try to roost outside in the rain! They always go in the coop everynight, but give them a down pour and they want to sleep outside!
Wouldn't it be great if the hens never pooped in the coop, only in the run.
I hate the fact that me spending time with the chickens was only supposed to be 15 mins which in reality turns into an hour which comprises of watching them, cuddling them and cleaning the house etc! Its bad especially when I have other things to do.
One thing I hate about chickens, the pecking order. I woke up this morning and found a huge gash on one of my ducks wing (the lowest of the pecking). I've got her separated now, she is with the calmest duck and AWAY from the meaner ones. I hate yet love the fact that they grow so fast. Because I'm like "they're not babies any more" =( and at the same time it's like "That gets them one step closer to laying me some eggs" =)
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i hate it when my girls look at me so sadly when I leave them for the night.

I hate it when my DH calls my coop the 'time machine' because when I go in I forget about the time and will play for hours with them.

I hate it when I loose one of my girls.

I hate it when my DH wants to take a vacation. How the heck can I leave???? not going to happen. I would miss my girls to much. lol

I hate it when the restaurant we are having dinner at is SLOW and makes me late to get home and tuck everyone in.

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