I hate my town (stray cats and corrupt bureaucrats)

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Knittycat, Feb 10, 2013.

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    May 5, 2010
    Milan, MI
    Ruger Airhawk, it's only illegal if you get caught in the act, don't get caught in the act.
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    I would go to higher ups then your local animal controll but I think the best answear is dog my nieghbor hood is overran with cats and the only cat allowed in my yard is my cat other wise there free game to the dogs and I have (knock on wood) no cat prob. my dogs have learned they are not to hurt the chickens are are good frinds with them.but I am gussing if you cant have a pet cat at this time dogs prob are not either. water gun to shot them can help or marshmellow gun somthing that wont hurt them but scare the crap out of them most cats learn fast and wont come back. I would maybe call animal control in the next town over talk to them see if they may have some suggestions. I know there are all kinds of rescue groups esp for cats that will at least catch spay / nuter and release here in vegas they have Hevan can wait cat recuse who work with just stray cats some they re-release when they can and when they cant they keep them. Depending on how much you want to go at it go to local news I am sure there are other that want somthing donw with the cats you can all get togeather and maybe even get somthing done for the town. I love cats but stray cats carry disease kill wild birds can carry rabies ext ext ext
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    Apr 14, 2012
    Those havahart traps are really good. Unfortunately when we raise animals this is something that we need to deal with as has been known since the beginning of animal husbandry. I would think the quietest and most humane thing is to make sure your trap fits completely inside a garbage can or other suitable container. Then when you have caught these subsidized predators you could store them in there for five minutes or so. Just make sure it fits all the way in and it's full of water. Very humane. No chance of wounding. Very quiet. Dispose properly in a black plastic bag in trash .
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    Feb 2, 2013
    Downing is NOT humane, and is a horrible, cruel way to murder an animal. A bullet to head is the most humane. Trap them, and then take them out to the country and shoot them if that's how you want to dispose of them. How sick.
  5. TheDuffields

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    Feb 2, 2013
    **Drowning I mean. Horrible, cruel way to kill an animal.
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    As a temporary fix you can line the bottom 3 ft of the run with a solid barrier (like the plastic sheet roofing material) so that the chickens can't see the cats. They only yell about what they can see.

    There was a cat in our yard, and I let the chickens out. They screamed, and walked towards it. One brave hen went all the way, and the chickens actually scared the cat off. A rooster would do the same, though likely not a good idea in town. I figured I had enough mean, sassy hens to get that cat. I got the idea after how they reacted to my cat. He's afraid of them. Turns out the neighbor cat is too. He only watches from one yard away now.

    Any cat will be intrigued by chickens. Actually getting a hold of one, it would take a real hunger or bravery on the cat's part. You can still let the chickens out, you just need to be there. I use it for reading time in nice weather.

    Getting a dog would keep the cats out of the yard. But the barking, and the training... supposing the dog could be trusted with the chickens after 6 months of training... the birds would still need to be locked up. Then there's the barking at cats not actually in the yard.

    The visual barrier will at least stop the bawk-bawking unless someone lays an egg.

    My chickens also chase out squirrels and rabbits. The squirrels play with them, the rabbits freeze and lay still until the last second, then bolt, which really throws off the chickens. It's pretty funny. The only thing the chickens take as a serious threat is hawks.
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    Oct 16, 2010
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    There are .22 caliber pellet guns that shoot 1000ft per second. That would humanly kill cats. A .22 powered by powder travels at 1250 ft/sec and has more mass but basically your making the same size hole with plenty of power to kill the animal. In town compliance to shoot with .22 power.


    Above link is a good product for the price. You can spend up to and over 1K but the basic of what you want is .22 cal, gas piston (not spring) one pump. The gas piston has no reverberation, spring powered will knock scope hairs and you name it as it violently vibrates. If you do go this route only use lead pellets, don't fall for the high velocity pellets, and never clean the barrel. The lead slowly coats the barrel resulting in continual increased accuracy and speed.
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    Feb 25, 2011
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    A visual barrier sounds like a great idea! I've got just the stuff for it too.

    As for this thread being used as evidence against me should cats start disappearing? a) I don't think they care that much and b) I'd like to see them try. I have no intention of breaking the law. If they made a false accusation against me, all it would do is serve to bring attention to their laziness and corruption. You bed I'd talk loud and long about them not doing their jobs. Bring it on [​IMG]
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    Apr 14, 2012
    @ theduffelds, I do appreciate your opinion on the subject, however you should consider your own opinion as well. Drowning is very fast and they say humane. You method will terrorize the animal as its probably not used to taking car rides and would be terrified the whole way. Not to mention chances for making a mistake.
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    Sep 5, 2012
    Makes me sick - laws stop us from taking care of our problems - and the bureaucrat in charge - of course- is corrupt and incompetent.

    They have no incentive to be otherwise, so why should they make an effort or try to actually do their job?

    Too many laws passed 'to make things better' in reality only rob us of our freedom and lock in an income stream for a small, privileged group.

    Wake up, people!

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