I hate Spinach!!


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
My wife thought she would be smart and tried hiding spinach in my meatloaf and in brownies without telling me! Now dont get me wrong, if i found something i liked that had spinach i would eat it but when you try to hide it on me and be sneaky about it then its war and i aint eating it even if it was the best tasting thing on earth!
Anyhow i decided first thing in the morning the chickens will get the rest of the bag of fresh spinach! Wonder how my DW will take that! I think i will tell her i just wanted to see if i could hide spinach in something too so i thought i would take a whack at mixing it in with their layer pellets and see if they would catch on as easy as i did! heheheheheh
LOL....I kinda agree with you on the whole sneaking it in thing.
BROWNIES???? That sounds just wrong!!! Have you tried it raw? That is the only way I eat it. Can't stand the stuff cooked but I am practically addicted to it in salads.
Spinich is disgusting when cooked and in brownies is your wife crazy :mad: I love spinich in salads and raw that is the only way I eat it can't have it if its even a little cooked.

Yeah in salads its the only way i can eat it. I use to hate the way they cooked it at school. All slimy like snot from a really bad sinus infection! (that was a great mental image now wasn't it?!) They served it with white vinegar YUCK!
Young small spinach leaves is perfect for salad. Tastes nothing like cooked spinach. I feed my family alot of spinach but I never have to hide it. The idea of spinach in brownies is just plain wrong! LOL
In brownies!! That's just wrong! I pride myself on my World Famous Brownies (Hey, I sent them to my son & daughter when they were in Afghanistan, they & thier fellow soldiers loved them, so I can say world famous, can't I?), and the thought of spinach in them gives me shivers. And I love spinach, especially in a mushroom/spinach/swiss omelette.

The chickens should enjoy them, though, and the good nutrition will be passed on throug the eggs.
I LOVE spinach and ate a spinach pizza yesterday. Cooked in with olive oil and garlic is also good but spinach brownies ok that is plain wrong. LOL

I have foods I hate and hubby loves, he gets to eat them I don't
The foods I love and he hates, same thing. #1 rule in my house, if you don't like it you don't have to eat it.

Hope your chickens are enjoying their greens. LOL
mmmmm... spinach on pizza is delish! I'm sorry your wife put it in brownies. If you will eat it in a salad and she wanted you to eat it why did she not just make a salad?

I bet she is trying things out from that new book huh? I can't remember the name but I think it's by Jerry Seinfelds wife. It's all about putting veggies into foods where they normally aren't so non veggie eaters eat them.
I have a wonderful brownie recipe with spinach and carrot puree in it. I have a whole book on hiding veggie purees in your familys food!!I told my dh about it but the kid donot have a clue.... I think it is wonderful. Also the brownies are very good.I have the recipe if anyone wants it;)

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