:( I hate summer/fall for one reason

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Northern Wisconsin
    I HATE HATE this time of year because we end with 3-5 stray kittens or last years kittens wondering into our barn! It breaks my heart!

    So far this year hasn't been as bad but today I go out to feed everyone and there a black/white cat id say about a year old is sitting in the shed watching my rabbits. It is litterally skin and bone it comes up to me howling! I am to much a softy and can't take seeing these cats every year! I put some food and water out for it gave it some straw, gave it some love. Its all I can do, I can't help every single one of these semi ferral cats.

    We have one male cat that is a inside/outside cat. We were hoping he would keep most of these cats away but of course he turned out to love every other cat lol so instead he either plays or leaves them alone!!! 3 weeks ago I found a 6 week old kitten looked very healthy going after my chickens. I talked hubby into giving it a chance, since the kitten is still young, using the litter box and VERY healthy!!! She is doing great and will be spayed/shots and then be another inside/outside cat!

    I am hoping this cat will just move on to the next place since I think hubby might just shoot it, in reality it would probably be for the better since its so skinny...but then in my head I just keep thinking well maybe it just needs some food, water and love!

    [​IMG] anyone else have this happening a lot?

    I wish people would spay and neueter there cats!
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    My aunt's barn where I board my horses has quite the feral cat population. We are feeding them and trying to get them all fixed (4 down!) but there is only so much we can do. It started with just one little black pregnant cat and now there are about a dozen hanging around. Really stinks too as there is like no chance of rehoming them in our area and not to mention the fact that they are 'barn cats' and don't care for people/want to be in a house....
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    Sep 19, 2010
    Yeah, this happens to our farm. Usually if you live on a farm, a dead end road, or rural place people think it = good place to dropoff. The best thing we do to combat it is spay/neuter. We have 15 indoor/outdoor cats. We call them our "Organic Pest Control". It is really sad how disposable cats are considered by some people. [​IMG]

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