I hate you guys.....

mom wewantchicks!

11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
LOL!!! ok i posted under the "and fun" so nobody get all peeved. but seriously,havent had my computer for a few months. thought that i was all good with the 6 hens and 1 rooster i have. i have plenty of eggs,im actually giving some away!!! then i get my computer back and i just have to come back to this site. what a bad time of year!!! omg all the baby chicks are to much!!! im thinking of calling the local feed store to see when they will be getting chicks in! maybe they can get me a few cochin pullets to go with my rooster,oh and the kids would love a few EE chicks for some colored eggs. and my dh has this old mini fridge in the garage,didnt i see a post where someone turned one into a bator? ugh!!! evil,this place is pure evil!!!
You know you love us for it.
I am new to the sight and am learning so much from all the posts! I am finding myself saying to EVERYONE "I read about this on BYC" at least 10 times a day! LOL So please feed my addiction!!!
It's true..pure evil... I too thought I was happy (see sig for list of chickens) I just reserved 4 SLW this evening.. should be able to pick them up around April 17th...
I'm sooo excited!!
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