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I have 3 dozen medium brown chicken eggs in my incubator bu the egg shells look very pores and the e

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by dragonsmenageri, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. dragonsmenageri

    dragonsmenageri In the Brooder

    Jun 29, 2013
    Kent/Auburn Wa
    I had 3 dozen road Island red eggs (day 11) along with 6 of my own eggs in my incubator. Almost all the eggs look very pores with only 3 that do not. All these eggs are medium brown in color of good size. I am only seeing vains in a couple of eggs when candling. The others look simulur to the good egg except the spot is a bit darker and the dark area seams almost cloudy have these eggs died. I got the road island red eggs at the local action so I could test my new incubator before paying $30 a dozen for Orpington (not buff) eggs. The remain 6 eggs were from my own coop I would go out in the morn then put those eggs in the fridge. I then checked ever hour or so for fresh eggs and only kept the 6 largest over the next week. I have 2 rooster (from last years broody hen) over 4 hens. so I know they were furtail. I was wonder if the cold weather might have cased the eggs to be more pores. Or if this could have some how happened in the incubator. I just put 12 duck eggs from the last 2 weeks I really need to get them in the incubator or they were not going to be viable for much longer. I had to remove 6 chicken eggs to make enough room for them. I picked 5 that looked dead and layed a 6th inside so I could put the duck eggs in the turner. Unfortunately when I broke the 5 dead eggs open I didn't see any thing wrong with them other than the embryos were only the size of my pinkie nail, in the past when an eggs has gone bad It was really runny and smelled any where from just a little off to really really bad when I broke them open. At 14 days I thought they would fill at least half the egg. My new incubator is completely digital but it works in celsius rather than fahrenheit. The booklet that came with it said to set the temp at 38 so I did that I have not been able to get the humidity any higher than 57, we have a wood stove for heat. Thankfully I have a second incubator (a foam one) for lock down. I am still wondering if the pores eggs will hatch and what cases the eggs to be so pores. I am also wondering if I should put them in the foam incubator on day 18 and keep it closed or if I should wait tell the embryos almost fill there eggs. I didn't have this problem when I hatched my duck eggs I just turned them by hand 5 times a day and misted them with water twice a day and had 19 out of 23 hatch. Though I found it much easier to candle the duck eggs. Thanks for any advise.

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