I have 4 different kind's of d'UCCLE's What colors will i get ?????

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    May 19, 2011
    Columbia falls, MT
    I have 2 Porcealin d'UCCLE rooster's, 3 Porcelain d"UCCLE hens, 1 Blue d'UCCle hen, 1 Brown/red d'UCCLE hen, and will also be getting quite a few Mille fluer d'UCCLE straight runs. And what i was wondering was, what will i get if the porcealin's breed any of the other hens, or if the MIlle fluer's breed any of the other hens. Has any of you guy's on BYC have this happen? I was wondering if you got mixed color's or not. I just really love the d'UCCLE breed and love all the color's available.
    Obie { A.K.A d'UCCLE boy }

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    I'm not familiar with Porcelain, but the spotting on a millefleur bird is recessive, so in order for the chicks to have the spotting, both parents have to have it as well. Blue is dominant; one copy causes anything that was going to be black on the bird, come out blue instead. Two copies of blue give you splash, which is white with random blue or black feathers. I wish I knew more about the porcelain color genetics, so that I could give you a guess at what would happen there!

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