I have a ? about geese


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
I have 1 goose. I have never had a goose before so what I am wondering what do I need to do for it during the winter. Does it need a heat light? I know they fly south and was wondering if he will be ok here in Oklahoma without a heat light or not. Thank you for any help you can give.
Sorry I can't help.................I live in California & run mine on pasture with an automatic waterer, a pond & a feed tray. They do fine. Our weather is not extreme. We do have a covered area for them & they use it.
Your goose should be fine without a heat lamp. I would recommend getting your goose a goose friend as they are a flock animal and really are different than ducks and chickens.
1 is the loneliest number there is. Geese do good in the winter. Give them a place to stay out of the wind. A heat light would be nice but it is not necessary.
I have one goose also he's a gander, he was hatched by a muscovy duck and has only lived with ducks and chickens, I would like to get a goose for him when his mom passes on, but don't know how he would take to a goose. He does not act like a duck, he is very protective of his mom, and lets us know when someone comes up and also when the phone rings, he would make a good service goose.
How old is your goose? Grown, and fully feathered out, or still a gosling? This time of year, I assume grown.

First, remember it is wearing a nice warm "goose down coat".
So it has basic protection from the weather. A wind break or a place to get in out of the wind, rain, etc helps. Dry straw or hay for a bed. If it gets real cold, they will sit down and pull their feet up into their feathers to keep their feet warm.

Water - liquid water - is the main thing. If the temperatures drop below freezing, then the ice needs to be broke out of the waterer and replaced with water several times a day.

Is it a domestic goose or a canada goose? Domestic geese do not migrate and most do not fly much or at all. It is the canada and other "wild" type geese that migrate.

If possible, a goose buddy would be a good thing, but like mentioned, not necessary.
Thanks everyone. He is not a wild goose. Not sure what kind he is. We had 2 eggs but he or she is the only one that hatched. I need to get a picture of him on here so you all can tell what kind and sex he is. He is so funny. I took him with me to feed the chickens. He was ok as long as I was with him but when I left him in the pen with them he had a fit. I don't know if he would like another goose or not. I know right now I will have to wait to get him a friend. I just want him to be happy. He hatched the end of May. This is my first goose and I love him. I think I like him more then I do the chickens. Oh my did I just say that?
He has a goose down coat on. Make sure he can get out of the wind if he chooses. Geese are very social animals and prefer to be in a group. Get him a friend.
I have 7 Sebs and 1 white (don't know what he/she is). This goose has taken up with the ducks. He is the babysitter when little ones hatch. It's so cute watching him herd the little ones. The ducks I have will hatch the eggs then just take off. If the babies don't keep up...oh well. But, along comes the goose keeping them together and herding them towards mom. Don't think he knows he's a goose. Of course, I also have a duck and rooster that are best buds and 1 rooster that stays right with 1 of my sheep. Even rides him when there's mud or snow on the ground. Really cute.

P.S. I LOVE my sebs!!

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