I have a bleeder in shell


8 Years
May 13, 2011
Anchorage Alaska
It pipped yesterday. Was the same at bed time. I woke up this morning to the shell being busted away in one spot around its face. But not zipped like normal. It looks like it has broken a vessel It is face up and its nostrils are uncovered. It looks like it missed its air sack all together. There is good humidity in there, condensstion on the windows. I made it a humidity tent with a wet paper towel and two sponges set up like walls and it has a strong complaint peep. I am hoping it absorbs like it is sposed to. Any thing else to do?
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She is out and doing good. I left her alone till the blood clotted up. Then I slowly over about 10the hours helped her free her head. Then she kicked the rest off. When messing in the bator cover the other eggs with warm moist papertowels. She pippdd in the middle of a football shaped egg and could not turn to zip either. These eggs have very think membrane. I awoke to a leg out of another egg this morning. I quickly got that one out!
Oh wow! That's what I'm going to have to do!!!
this was a couple of hours ago! Looks drier and less bloody now!!
I ve read that u shouldnt incubate odd shaped eggs. And dont incubate large eggs. Ive incubated 17 chicks and evey one survived. I helped three myself,because i had a hen sitting on three and were bantams, and they loose humidity easy and faster than normal eggs. So when i saw that the chick had pipped, i left it alone 6 hours later, i came to check on it and the shell had shrinkwrapped around chick, it wasnt even under mother. Sk immediatlry brohght her upstairs and put warm
water in egg, (had the egg under heat lamp while doing this)
And i made sure you dont get water in there nostrils, they can drown, i t wasnt making muvh process, so i intervined and the umbillical cord was still attachex to part of the shell. All you do it tear it off the shell, the bird wont bleed to dealth, its had the time to absorb all the yolk, so what i did was trim the cord and then let it dry up on its own. I had to put chick in shoebox undef lamp away from other chicks.2 wddks later the bird was still running around with it attached. So i just cutt it off as close to her belly without pulling it out. Let nature take care of the rest. By the time a chick is born they're breathing kn there own and not using the blood vessels from the egg, while being developed.
I had to help 2 out in two days. Yesterday one pipped in the morning, and by mid afternoon, still nothing, took the egg from Mama and brought it in the house. Chick was chirping, so I started with tweezers breaking off egg shell, and had a warm wet paper towel to dab the membrane, it was starting to shrink wrap. Took me about 15 minutes, but got the little one out, and put it under the heat lamp. What works real well is those fuzzy soft car cloths you use to dry your car, so it will not scratch the paint (they love it). They help hold the heat in and my chicks love to snuggle in them. I made a tent shape, put it in their box, and after running around, I found them snuggled inside of it.
Hubby brought a egg in today, that was starting to pip, our temp dropped by 30 deg overnight, and it also rained last night, and was afraid something might happen to the chick. Glad he did, this one was shrink wrapped too. Took my time & got it out, there was bits of blood, just kept using a warm wet paper towel to keep the membrane soft, and let the chick wiggle out on it's own. Have it under the heat lamp & under the fuzzy towel, it is starting to get dry, and is very vocal. So am keeping my fingers crossed.
L - R : Daisy (who I helped yesterday), Lilly (who hatched in her own yesterday), Lollypop (who hatched on her own, day before yesterday) Daddy is a black Silkie, all have feathered feet. All eggs were lt brown. I wonder if Lilly's Mama was a Buff Orp. ? Lollypop's Mama could be a NH Red, Daisy???? Mama - Black Aus. ?
They most certainly will bleed out is blood is flowing. I have hatched hundreds of quail and have seen it. These eggs are English Chocolate Bantam Orpingtons, not about to not hatch them. Unless the membeane is like parchment hands off.

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