I have a broody chicken and need help


Jun 23, 2015
My chicken has been sitting on eggs since July 2 and I went into the coop yesterday and one of my other chickens had opened and killed two of the eggs. Thankfully only one of the two had been fertilized. I decided to move her out of there with the remaining eggs and now she doesn't seem to want to sit on them. It is getting close to the time they should hatch (so I've been told) and am worried about what to expect. Should I move her closer to the run so she can see the others or keep her away from them until ththey eggs hatch?
I would try to figure out which chickens are the offenders who broke the eggs, and then separate them until the chicks hatch. The broody hen should be moved back into her original spot. After they hatch, then moved mother and chicks into a separate area and put the bad hens back.
Thanks I'm not sure which are the offenders because they all look alike. I only have 6 chickens and there are only 2 different and one is the broody chicken.

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