I have a couple questions


6 Years
Mar 21, 2014
Hi everyone!
My 6 assorted bantams are about 5 weeks old now and I think I have a couple of roosters. :-/ When will I have to separate them? At what age do you really know if they are indeed roosters?
Also they have out grown their brooding box so I put them outside in the coop with a heat lamp. They seem to have went through the night well. Its still in the low 30s at night....will they be ok out there? They have most all adult feathers now.
It varies from breed to breed when you can tell; it's much more difficult in some breeds. We have some good guessers here, though, if you want to post pics HERE.. Sometimes you can't really be sure til they crow, usually around 12 to 16 weeks. And it sounds like they will be fine in the coop.
Thank you! I think I will post pics just to see. One of them does this funny crowing noise in the morning and sometimes even in the evening. I figured it was a rooster. And two of them (one being the crower) will fight (I think) nothing serious though. All the feathers on his neck get all ruffled up.
The hackle & saddle feathers and bigger redder combs & wattles are usually the tell.
If they get along well as they mature & estlablish pecking order there's no need to separate them.
I've got 10 three week old Ameracuana & RIR that are mostly feathered except for their heads in a wire cage outside. We're having another cold spell and it's sposed to be 39* tonight. I gave their brooder light to some 4 day old quail and they're not getting it back....

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