I have a devil rooster! Help please.


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Upstate of South Carolina
I went outside just now to feed and water my 6 bantam chickens. When I went inot the run, the rooster came up and flogged/spurred me!
(I'm not sure what he did but it hurt like fire) He has done this before, but it did not hurt at all. I just thought he was playing. Today was different though. I gently nugged him with my foot into the corner. What else can I do to try to prevent this bad behavior.
Oh, and he is a Bantam Cochin Roo.

I am going to have have to get rid of him in May, because I am getting some more chickens!
He will be replaced by a maran roo, but I didnt know if there were anyways to prevent his nasty attitude.
Never heard that one before. It would be funny to see though.

Every rooster has its own temperment. There may be ways to correct this behavior but I don't know of any way to prevent it.
this may work or not with your bird,...I have used rakes to sorta make them behave. I push them with it a couple of times, and slap them around a bit. Then each time I take the rake with me they leave me alone. And I've read you can have the spurs taken off with not much trauma. That doesn't mean they won't jump on your head, that's another story.
If i ever have a naughty roo he would become dog food real fast.
I just processed 200 beautiful roos from my last hatch and not one of them were mean,don't know why so many peeps have problem roos.

When i was a kid i had a roo that was mean to anyone but me, my parents hated that roo and thought they would be smart and make soup outa him,well he was so tough and dry that the dogs couldn't hardly eat him.
They have no defense moves against a person picking them up by their tail. And if you hold them up by the tail and talk to them, laugh at 'em a bit, it will calm them down for a day or so then back to the old feisty moves. This is experience from one banty rooster, we were keeping a bunch of banties for a friend, and this one, well, he was always on the attack, it was pretty funny. One day he got out, I don't know how, and instead of just taking off or something, he kept attacking my feet - I had boots on so that was no problem, and I was trying to figure out how to catch him with the least trouble, and I made a couple of passes at his tail and he didn't even notice. So I picked him up by his tail etc. Now, he was a pretty small, light bird. I'm not sure I'd do that with a heavy one.

I think with the ones that are a continual problem, coq au vin. Or if you need to keep him for his genetics, use a trash can lid as a shield or something lol

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