I have a favor to ask.. (I want your photos!)


❤️I love my goat❤️
Jan 5, 2021
Planet Earth
I would love to see Ginger drawn.
Nov 8, 2021

I love to draw/paint and I like base my work on real pictures.
What I'm asking of you is pictures of you/your animals/you and your animals/anything else.

If I use one of your photos (and there is a very good chance I will)
I will post a picture of it here and tag you.
And if you want I will have it shipped to you
(I cover all cost and the drawing/painting is free). If you don't live in the US I may not be able to get it to you but I will still try. All you have to do is dm me.

The only catch is it may be a while before your drawing is done. I have extremely high standards for my work and it takes time to get everything perfect. I've spent 31 hours on a drawing before (broken up of course) and I have no doubt I will go over that someday. You are more than welcome to dm me for updates but please be patient with me.

I also sell my drawings and paintings so if you don't want your drawing/painting sold but can't or won't have it shipped to you, please let me know and I will make sure it is not sold.

If you want a name on the drawing or painting please dm me

Now, please post some pictures for me to use, and thank you!!​
Here's one;

Sara S

May 13, 2020
Tampa, FL
This is my favorite chicken, Rosebud. She was a BIG hen almost 12 pounds. Someone stole her from my coop (it habe a giant master lock on it that they broke open) and I’ve drawn her but you sound a lot better than I am at it. its so good to see someone sharing Their talents with the world we need more selfless people like you.


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