I have a feather picker, but who???

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Knock Kneed Hen, Apr 18, 2011.

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    I am so irritated! [​IMG] I noticed some of my hens losing feathers around the head and neck. I sold some of my layers including my rooster, who I figured was the culprit (I don't free range).

    I have 13 LF hens (I don't suspect the 2 bantams in the coop since they were added later when the problem was already in full swing). My 3 Australorps and 2 EE's are being targeted. I separated one
    of the EE's (pictured) because she seemed to be getting the brunt of it & want to give a chance for her feathers to grow back in, which btw is taking forever!! I can't figure out who's doing it. [​IMG]

    If I find the culprit SHE'S the one going into lock down! I don't ever observe any bullying. I do hear a big squawk from time to time and find clumps of feathers in the run. I have yet to spy the perpetrator.

    Is there something I should look for in particular that would out the misbehaving hen?

    Side note: In the last couple of months my birds have been dewormed as well as dusted. No signs of any parasites.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:KKH: All of my girls do it to each other without any particular reason. Like grooming each other or the reason might be that there is some food stuck to the feathers especially the beards and muffs of the Ameraucaner or EE chickens. I tried to discourage the picking with applying some blue Kote and it worked pretty well. However, they were chasing that poor little blue Kote chicken as like it was an alien. Crazy me applied the blue Kote around the necks of all the chickens and the problem was solved until the next molt. Thanks for reminding me, all of them have grown in their facial feathers, beards and muffs again, but started to pick each others feathers again. So blue Kote, here I come again...... (of course I always get half of the bottle on myself..... [​IMG] )

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