I have a few Questions before buying a pair of geese. Can anyone help?


11 Years
Jun 25, 2008
Hannibal, Missouri
Well, I'll start off by saying that there is a "pair" of embden geese for sale near me. Both of the geese are 3 years old. The owner is asking $30 for the pair. I really want these geese! My last flock of geese was completely wiped out by a pack of coyotes...
But I have a few questions before I contact the seller, to potentially buy these geese.

1) The owner's posting said that the female was laying in early may. Will she still lay for me?

2) How can I tell if the pair is truely a male & female pair?

3) Is $30 a reasonable price for a pair of 3 year old geese?

4) Any advice?

Thank you soo much for your time and help (in advance)!!
the females only lay in spring $30 is a verry good price because around were i live i would pay anywere from 40 to $60 dollars per pair
I agree that's a good price and three years is the perfect age. She will lay nice big eggs next year. The male should be noticeably bigger than the female. She's probably finished laying for this year. Spend some time with them before you make the final decision.
Yeah, go for it. At least have a look and spend some time to see if they're healthy, active and somewhat friendly. I have white Chinese and they get a bad rap but I really enjoy mine. Just depends on what you're looking for and whether they fit your lifestyle.

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