I have a few questions??


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May 23, 2011
One: When should I start feeding my chicks the grown up chick food? Right now they are on medicated Start and grow.

Two: When should I start giving my chicks scratch/cracked corn? Would Sand also work?

Three: One of my chicks has a bulging butt. It is just sticking out and other chicks are close to their butt feathers. Is that normal?

Four: One of my friends told me that if the chicks have big/thick feet that they will end up being Roosters. I don't want roosters and if that is true then I will have 10 of them...Please tell me that isn't true! Haha

Thanks for answering my questions!
Oh! One more! I might be getting a kitten and I was just wondering if I should introduce the kitten to the flock of chicks when I get the kitten or if I should wait til the chickens are bigger/the kitten is bigger??
The back of your chick starter bag should tell you went to switch.

Scratch is used as a treat. Don't feed it to them in hot weather as it raises their body tempature. Only feed it to them in cooler weather. Sand is used as grit. Grit helps chickens digest their food. So whenever you give your chicks a treat you need to supply grit for them.

A rooster's legs are thicker then a hen's. Also a rooster's comb will get redder at an earlier age. A hen's comb will turn redder closer to laying age.

I would say, if you get a kitten, expose it to the chicks right away WITH LOTS OF SUPERVISION. depends on how old the kitten is. they will "play"with just about anything, which might amount to a loss of a chick..
You dont want to see that.

Chicks start with grower food (20 - 24% protein) for about 16 weeks, look at the bag directions. Then you feed them "Layer Pellets" or a 16% protein feed.

Scratch is NOT a substitute for balanced feed. Its a treat, as Sunny said.

The odd butt: is it red? any bleeding? not sure what you mean by bulging. Is the chick active and eating/drinking?

What breeds are your chicks?

How old are they?
The Funny but is pink like the other's and there is no bleading. It just looks like a pink bubble around the hole of the butt. Is that more clear? I don't know how else to explain the chicks butt lol. I will see if I can get pictures up about it. Yes the chick is acting like all of the others. Eating and drinking, playing, sleeping. The only difference between the one with the funny butt and the others is the funny bubbly butt haha. I guess it builds character if it isn't a problem?

The breeds of the chicks: I have no clue...I know I have a mix of about 8 different kinds haha. I was at the feed store and I looked into the bin of chicks. I picked the smaller ones that were getting picked on the most

7 of my chicks are almost 4 weeks and 10 of them are almost 3.
Mr.Beginner24 :

I picked the smaller ones that were getting picked on the most

O thats priceless, good for you! will be interesting to see what kind of personalities develop there.

If that chick is acting normally, I would say everything is fine.​
They have really lovable personalities. I am amazed at chickens brains. I did a whole bunch of reasearch on chickens and it made me think that chickens are really dumb (inteligent wise) but they are fun to have as pets. I have learned over the month that I have had mine that they are actually quite intelegent. They have brains, they arn't big brains, but they have brains
which they use to the fullest. I am sad to say i probably have a lot of roosters though. As much as I love chickens...I think crowing in the morning is not my calling haha. So After these chicks grow up, it's back to the feed store to get more little runts XD
I get wonderful pleasure out of these creatures. and therapy, laughs, great pictures. and EGGS!

right now i have the fun of watching my buff orp mother 7 chicks.

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