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    Jul 1, 2012
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    I live at the beach and I never knew that there were fox living here until I got chickens. When I first put the girls in the coop when they became fully feathered, I started seeing a fox running around the neighborhood at night. I wasn’t too worried because they were in the coop full time. When they became full grown, they started free ranging because there coop was too small for 5 full grown hens and because I live at the beach with a small yard, I had no room to get them a bigger one. I close them in the coop at night in case there are any predators lurking around. This is when I started noticing fox jumping into the yard at night and trying to get in the coop. For a few months, I didn’t see any fox. But now there is a lot of activity. About a month ago, a person a few blocks away had a fox attack and kill his flock of chickens and ducks. A few days ago, at about 6am, I heard chickens screeching, so I ran outside and saw a fox with a chicken in its mouth. My dog came outside and cornered the fox between the house and the fence and it dropped the chicken and ran away. I noticed that this fox had a tracking collar around its neck. Yesterday at dusk, I was outside cleaning up the yard and I saw a fox peek out from behind a car. When it saw me it ran behind the house next to it. This one didn’t have a collar on so I knew it was a different fox. Today at around 10am, I saw a fox running in the empty lot across the street. Keep in mind that this was in broad daylight with people and cars literally everywhere.
    WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???? I cant shoot it because of all the people and houses! HOW DO I STOP THIS???
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    If it had a tracking collar, call the state or local animal control agency. I don't know if that will help but they may relocate it..maybe not..From what I have read, others are using electric poultry netting which is covered in other threads in this topic. Seems to be a good deterrent.
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    Make the coop like Fort Knox, then worry about collars and traps.

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