I have a missing egg!!!


11 Years
Oct 8, 2008
Albany, ME
I have a mom who was sitting on 7 eggs and now is sitting on 5 eggs and one itty bitty. I can not find the missing egg anywhere or any sign of the egg. Any ideas??

The baby is wicked cute though.
When was the last time you saw the missing egg?

1- it was bad, and mom kicked it out of nest.
2-the chick hatched & died and it under the rest of the eggs.
3-mom ate the egg some time ago.
4- you have a scared little chick stuck somewhere.

5 ?

Congrats on the baby! post picts!
I searched all around the nest and in the box and can't find it. It was there this morning. Craziness!!! I didn't see but the one chicks egg shell so I don't think there is another chick. I am stumped.
I had the same situation when our hen's eggs started hatching. I had been removing the chicks as they hatched to encourage her to stay on the nest. The second morning when I went out to check on her, I found two more chicks, but came up short one egg. I took the 2 chicks into the house and went back out to search some more. I could hear cheaping real close by, but couldn't feel the chick under the hen. I finally discovered that the chick had fallen out of the nest during the night and had crawled inside a cement block opening. The chick is fine now and the hen has all her chicks back.
We had a little bantam sitting on 8-10 eggs in a corner of the run under some brush inside of the run which is attached to the coop. We patiently waited for the chicks to all hatch out; one afternoon when I got home from work, my husband was already home and announced that we had an arrival. The mama hen was proudly parading around the run with ONE small newborn chick happily following behind her. No egg shells, no sign of the other eggs, nothing! That very evening while feeding and changing the water, I spied a very long chicken snake up in the rafters in the adjoining coop. He managed to slip loose from us TWICE before we ended up outsmarting him in the end. Needless to say, no more chicken snake. He measured a good 5 1/2 feet long. He was climbing a tree on the backside of the yard and stretching out over the roof to slip in thru the rafters. We heard about putting moth balls out; apparently they hate the smell and will stay away. So far we have not had anymore problems with snakes and that has been a couple of weeks ago.
Were you able to find the shell?? I can't find any sign??

I couldn't find the shells from any of the 3 chicks - I think she ate them (the shells). The previous day, I had removed the shells along with the chicks - this time, I think she had more time - they were all dry - no shells.
Same thing happened to me, with a big muscovy duck egg. Missing, can't find it anywhere. So she ate it, or I miscounted originally. But come on now, I can count that high...
If the rest of the flock had access to the nest, they may have eaten the baby and the shell. We had 2 babies eaten a few weeks back.
Terrible. I learned that I must lock up my broodies.

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