I have a problem about food decision

Jun 9, 2021
Hi everyone, I have four chickens one bparred rock one Easter Egger and two golden comets. I know the golden comet start laying sooner at around 3 1/2 to 4 months but the Easter Egger and barred rock will lay later than them. they are around 12 weeks now, so should I buy layer pellets, or chick crumble again? I’ve only bought one food bag and it’s lasted me The whole time I’ve had them. So what am I saying is if I bought another 50 pound bag of chicken crumble then it would last me 12 weeks again and by that time they will be laying so should I buy chick crumble or layer pellets. Sorry it is kind of hard to explain this. Thanks

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They can move on to an grower feed after 6-7 weeks. It has different names depending on where you're getting it but typically has a lower protein content than the starter feed. I wouldn't offer layer feed until they are beginning to lay. They can continue eating the starter or grower feed indefinitely with a calcium supplemented on the side for laying birds, oyster shell offered in a separate dish. Also, a good way to recycle egg shells is to crush them and mix in with the oyster shell.
Jun 9, 2021
This is the bag of food I have it says starter/grower food so should I just buy another one of these?


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Buy the layer feed.
Don't give them the option to eat the needed calcium, some may not eat it and egg laying issues could happen.

It's better to prevent the issues then play doctor to try and fix them when they happen.

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