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Apr 20, 2008
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Ok here is the story. I will start out with my silkie rooster who started acting strange the night after getting drenched out in the cold rain this last fall (late fall). I then moved all my silkies into my heated coop (heated by a woodstove) because they would continue to stay outdoors in the cold instead of heading back to the coop! He was with two other hens, three cochin hens, two mixed hens (they were all moved). All was ok with everyone else and they acted totally normal. I give the roo some vitamins and he started to act a little better. It took forever for him to seem even a little better. He was limping and laying around like he was tired. He would always come to the food dish and eat and call his hens over to eat and he drank just fine. The months passed and I waited to sell my hen and other roo to this person because the blue roo was sick and I didn't want to transfer any sicknesses over to her. So just this past month he seemed to really pick up on walking around and acting normal so I email her and ask her if she wanted the hen and the blue roo since we lost the other roo I was going to sell her... he had improved so much and that week I had decided to work more on my cochins and offered her my other two hens as well so they could all stay together. One of my hens had just turned broody that week also. So we met just a while ago and she took them home (three hens and a roo). The next day I emailed her to ask her how things were going and she said she thought the broody hen was acting not so normal and was not walking and when she would put her on her side she would stay there
She put her on Tylan 50 injections and last night she had her third injection but she said she has gotten worse it seems. The others walk on her and she doesn't bother to move. We have been keeping in contact through email and I'm going to send her to this thread so she can explain more about what the poo looks like etc. She said she no longer eats or drinks and she is very worried about her. Can anyone think of anything else to try so she doesn't lose her?? I feel so terrible and I hope someone here will be able to give us some tips at what to do next? The only good news about this whole thing is she has two hens who are acting normal and a the roo started crowing and he hadn't crowed for months! Oh and all the others who shared a coop with them since they were little are all ok. One other thing that I wanted to mention is my dad had burned some plastic in the woodstove and I walked into a fumed filled shed that really smelled! I yelled at him and opened up the large doors quickly to air it out. Could that cause these problems?? I just want to hear anything except that it Mereks! Please anything but that! If it were Mereks wouldn't other birds be sick as well?? Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!


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I was thinking poison before you even posted there at the end. I think the burned plastic could mess them up. Sorry about the roo and your friend that bought them. Just an awkward situation. Makes you look bad even if you had no reason to think the broody would go south. Chickens are such masters at disguise when they are not right sometimes. I guess hopefully your friend can just wait it out like you did and hope for the best. If the broody tips over, I'd quickly refund, even if it is a rough deal for you.

Hope it all turns out okay.

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