I have a real problem.... what would you do?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Okay, so i have a real problem on my hands. My favorite Drake, Sidney, seems to not be able to "get the job done". He had no problems before and was getting all the girls just fine. he still tries to get them, and i really think he does but it's just not getting in there. I watched him mount 3 different hens earlier and he didn't penetrate one of them.

    I am getting tons of fertile eggs from Angus, but am about to trade him for a younger drake since Angus is a brat sometimes. I love Sidney to death, he's my favorite and i raised him from a day old. He was sick last year and was paralyzed for 2 weeks before he finally started walking again. I think that may have something to do with his current problem, i just never watched him mount the girls before now.(but i did see him successfully breed before the illness).

    I think I am kind of rambling now but I am worried. I don't really wanna rehome him, who has a use for a "limp duck"?? I am sure i can get the new boy and send angus to her place later on so that i will still have fertile eggs.

    I guess i wanna know if anyone has had this happen before?
    can it be fixed?

    I don't know what was wrong with him that caused him to be paralyzed last year but i do know i don't wanna do anything that requires me having to pull out and do anything to his manhood. [​IMG] if it's unfixable, i can always get a new drake and keep Sid in a seperate pen with just 1 other boy.
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    My drake had Bumblefoot last winter, I've been candling the eggs weekly, and STILL no fertile eggs. I think he is unable to do his job. Sadly, that may be the case with yours too. [​IMG]
  3. how many hens do you have for Sydney?
    If you have enough I'd just say leave him as he is and get a new 'young stud' and keep Sydney as your pet, he wont be happy penned by himself and knowing someone else is 'tending' to all his women [​IMG] If you have enough hens that 2 males 'going through the motions' wont wear them down, then I wouldn't worry with getting rid of your fave or seperating him and making his apparently still their hormones make him crazy.
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    I think I saw a young Blue Drake at my friends house also so I will have to see if she's wanting to rehome him also. I was so taken by the Chocolate boy i was looking at that i didn't really pay attention to the others that were running around.

    They have plenty of girls, even after i cut back. I have 13 adults right now and only the 2 boys. I plan on keeping some of the babies from this year also(hens only), i got a lot of beautiful blue fawns and chocolates that i am just in love with so there will definitely be plenty of girls for 3 boys.

    Just wish i could fix him, I only have 2 babies from him [​IMG]
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